About Us

The 2 Minute Toothbrush is the creation of entrepreneur, Curt Lemons.  After attempting to purchase an electric toothbrush online, and getting confused with all the features, options and strange re-curing billing that didn't seem necessary, Curt found that no one has yet to create a simple electric toothbrush with the basic features such as an auto timer, adjustable power settings and easy charging with a phone cord and no bulky charging unit. 

Knowing this, Curt decided to create his own toothbrush and call it the 2 Minute Toothbrush - A simple electric toothbrush with all the features an electric toothbrush needs and none of the confusion. 

The project is still new, but we are proud to have brought to market what we found to be a very effective and simple electric toothbrush we're sure you'll be proud to own.

And if successful, we have high hopes to go above and beyond where small electric hi-gene gadgets have yet to go. - The simple route.   

The plan for the 2 Minute Tooth Brush is to grow a business that not only has the world's most practical electric toothbrush, but create simple and effective electric beard trimmers and razors that have cool designs, basic features, are travel ready and can be charged easily with your phone charger. 

Stay up to date, we have an awesome product line up that we feel you'll be excited to be part of. 


Curt Lemons & The 2 Minute Toothbrush Team